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India awarded Asian Games’ gold medal for Cricket after CSK beats Pakistan’s Lahore Lions

23, Sep 2014 By geesundar

Dhoni and Jadeja

In a strange turn of events, India has been awarded Asian Games’ Gold medal for Cricket after CSK beat Pakistan’s Lahore Lions and Srilanka’s Northern Districts in the recently held CL T20 League.

Speaking to Faking News, a spokesperson from Asian Games said, “While India did not send any formal cricket team to the Asian Games, we have decided to consider the results of CSK’s games for the cricket Medal. India has been, for close to a decade represented majorly by CSK players, with both BCCI and CSK being run by the same company and owned by Shri. N. Srinivasan Ji. In light of this, the Asian Games’ organising committee has decided to award India, the gold medal on account of CSK’s recent victories.“

A representative of BCCI added, “We could not send our full strength squad to the Asian Games due to the ongoing CL T20 games. However instead of sending a second string squad, we had decided to nominate CSK to represent India. CSK has 7 players from the current Indian team and 4 foreigners, and seemed stronger than our current Indian Team as well. The victory is an honour for India, M.S Dhoni, India Cements and cricket enthusiasts all over the world.”

The Indian government congratulated the CSK team and have announced yearly subscriptions for the whole team at top Biryani restaurants across the country.