Wednesday, 21st August, 2019

India hopes to regain its ICC ranking

15, May 2018 By shakeel ahmad

India has relegated to the second spot in the ICC one-day rankings. But cricket fans are not nervous as they are aware of the nice performance of the Kohli’s team members. Although it has lost its status merely by one lone point yet the players brewing with optimism could ably earn that feat in days to come.

There is nervousness in India cricket team because of its going down to the second position in ICC one-day international rankings. This is so after England has risen up by plus eight points in order to ascend at the number one position. That’s why the entire rumpus is being endured anyway.

England was straight enough to reach the top first place. The reports said that the most up-to-date rankings appeared only after the yearly update. This change has brought removal of the 2014-15 series results. While fifty percent weighted average obtained from the results of 2015-16 and 2016-17 series has been included.

Following the once a year update India sadly lost one point to make its second place with 122 points. England has reached the top status after a gap of long five years among the International Cricket Council’s full ten member countries.

India at this time looks forward to improving its reduced points in the forthcoming one-day international matches in the month of July at England. When it has experienced that peak position, it is utterly normal to have achieved that not so impossible aim in the future too.

Our cricket team has clear option of showing excellent performance against the English team. This will surely enhance its standing at the ICC ranking. It is this very opportunity that the popular game of cricket provides specifically to its chosen players. As many as three One-day matches are to be played in the 50-over format in England.