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India wanted to prove a point by losing to Bangladesh

23, Jun 2015 By pknayak

Dhaka: All the cricket fans across country are feeling ashamed after their 1st ODI series defeat against Bangladesh. They are dejected and feel like cheated by Indian Cricket team.

Prakash, a diehard cricket fan told our reporter that he believed that this series was organized to help them forget the sequence of defeats in England and Australia. Now a defeat here and trip to Zimbabwe is uncertain, fans are in a state of vagueness on when India’s next series win on foreign soil.

However in contradictory, environment in Indian dressing is not that heavy. They are highly motivated for another defeat and demanding Bangladesh Cricket Board for a more luxurious hotel with wide option of food. A signature of excitement is clearly visible in every face starting from players to officials.

Failing to inhale the excitement, our special sports correspondent Mr. Popatlal Feku has intervened and managed to dig out with some breaking news.

A senior coaching staff on assurance of anonymity told our reporter that defeat against Bangladesh is a part of strategic victory for team India. Discovering some anxiety and curiosity he further elaborated the plan on detail:

“Our broadcaster and team sponsor is same company and we don’t hurt our sponsors, whatever be the outcome. In World cup they run the Mauka aids against Pakistan and we honoured them by beating Pakistan & subsequently regained our Mauka by coming out victorious against South Africa. Our series defeat against Bangladesh has proved a couple of point. First we made into the World cup semi final by defeating a stronger opposition in first knockout match and it means WC SF is something more than a Jumla. Secondly this time Broadcaster’s tag line was “Bachhe ab Bachhe nehain rahe”. Point proven only after Bangladesh won the series.”

Why the first two? You could have made the series more exciting by winning the 2nd match and going into the decider with series on level, Popatlal asked further.

Giggling at our reporter he (the anonymous BCCI official) further replied: “You mean to say team is still under MSD’s control and India should continue Mahi’s way? Now we have a team director and everything is as per his direction. He is a highly motivated man and he never indulges anything for the death over. He says; “Be positive, go for the kill and finish the job in first juncture itself. Who know what happen if we go to the final match at 1-1 and rain washout the decider. All our planning and strategy will go in vein.”

What were the special strategies made then? Popatlal asked furiously. The official replied with a snicker; “Nothing more. We had only instructed Rohit Sharma to get out cheaply. Fans across the Globe know, Rohit only scores against weaker opposition and his failure means Bangladesh is not a weaker opponent. He was also preferred ahead of Pujara in one of Test to strengthen fans believe on Bangla’s a capability.”

Our reporter is also informed through reliable sources that there is difference in opinion for the final match. MSD and his acolytes want to finish the trip with victory in dead rubber and a MoM award for Mahi. The opposition camp is totally against it as they think one victory will create doubt on fan’s mind, if one victory is possible then why not two. A whitewash means clean road for Virat’s entry as ODI captain.