Indian football fans learning German, some may swear in German only till the next World Cup

14, Jul 2014 By Vivek Chandrahaas

Football fever has gripped the cricket crazy nation for a month now. German football team consistent performance in World Cup has won them huge fan-base in India.

But the spectacular victory of Germany in the football World Cup has moved several football fans in India so much that people have taken to learning German language.

Start with “Hello”.

Speaking to Faking News, Sudipto a football fan based in Kolkata said “Before this world-cup I was a fan of Brazil, but now I am a huge fan of Germany.  When I listened to interview of players and coaches in German language, I found it “Khoob bhaalo”.  I am nowadays doing a crash course in German language. Learning German is a manifestation of my support to the German team.”

Several German fans across the country echoed similar sentiments; some even mentioned other advantages of learning German.

Shashaank Tiwari, a student of Delhi Public School and ardent German fan said “I was a fan of Germany even before the world cup. I am learning German in school for quite a while now.  I have made a German girlfriend on internet, thanks to the German language.”

Though German language is considered quite tough to learn and pronounce, still fans are trying every bit to catch few words or phrases of the language.

Those who could only learn a few German words are trying to use them to good effect. Satish Shukla, a football player based in based in Meerut, a Hindi heartland said “meri gali dene ki adat ki wajah se, I used to picked up a lot of fights. Now using Germans words like “Fick dich” , “Du Hurensohn!Sohn von einem Weibchen! and “Miststück”, I can vent my ire without picking up fights.”

In fact Bencho sports club in Goa, a club known for its unruly play, has unanimously accepted German to swear at opponents during matches. Barik Desouza the club manager said, “Indian football team may never qualify for world cup forget about winning a football in near future. I guess speaking a little bit of German, would give them a feel of world cup winners.”

Though some political parties have expressed displeasure when told about German Language being in vogue. Samajwadi party supremo Mulayam Singh Yadav said “ apshabdon [Foul words] ka prayog keval hindi mein hona chaheye, in bakhc***** ko kaun bataye jab gali samajh mein na aye to usko dene ka faayda kya. Hum centre mein hote to aise logon par kadi karyawahe karte.”