Saturday, 16th February, 2019

India's gymnast proves mettle

26, Feb 2018 By shakeel ahmad

Once late HN Bahuguna expressing concern over country’s failure in securing medals at Olympics said if the traditional (Nat) jugglers were given opportunity they would bring medals. But that was his probably political opinion. What Indian girl has now done is a reality in the World Gymnastics. We seemed to be entering into the games where the supple bodied foreign players ruled over. The native’s gymnast Aruna Reddy has broken this subterranean myth by her bronze medal.

Where Dipa Karmakar once failed, Aruna Reddy advanced. She did make the country proud by clinching a bronze medal in the vault category at the World Gymnastics Cup in Australia. Way back in the year of 2016 Rio Olympics the gymnast Dipa Karmakar missed the opportunity by coming on the fourth position. However, her failure was complimented by another Telangana girl after a gap of two long years. What she dreamed some time ago was restored by her average score of 13.649 for two vaults. Reddy full of yearning filled Karmakar’s dreams in 2018.

She hoped to become an expert in Karate but she was destined to earn a name in the game of gymnast. Failing to achieve a place in Commonwealth Games in 2010 owing to her underage she tried to show her sporting calibre in 2014 Commonwealth Games. By the current year, she took home a bright medal with her marvellous efforts. This success has once more opened her inclusion into the ensuing commonwealth games in Australia.

Her journey to the world of gymnastics demonstrated her inherent desire to succeed. She realised her bendy body in a stressed state as a wave of delight swept over her sudden success. Her roll took care of Karmakar’s bad luck. Pulling herself out of her dream, she took hold of game’s basic essentials and dispensed her full energy in displaying the glory of getting the third place all-around.