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Karthik's last ball sexy six

20, Mar 2018 By shakeel ahmad

Indian batsmen felt like conquering Mount Everest by lifting Nidahas Trophy. They outdid the cricketers excelling in the Nagin dance on the Colombo ground. Led by Rohit Sharma they did not appear extremely confident of their last ball victory. Had it not been ‘Six’ there would not have been Bhangra. However, what was destined to become clear at the fag-end of the game happened ultimately.

The Bangladesh players were unlucky in grabbing the Trophy in the triangular series. The final match concluded in India’s favour.

It was a last ball victory which took the fans back to the days of Javed Miandad whose six on the last delivery had also changed the result. This time, Dinesh Karthik built up sufficient pressure on the rival team’s able bowlers when he hit fours and sixes.

He desired a last-ball six also. The happiness remained confined in the clouds. It was released only when the six zoomed over.  His do-or-die spirit smashing the ball attained efficiently the very required sexy six.

It was a fantastic moment for countrymen to rejoice at the victory. He completed 29 runs on merely eight deliveries. Chasing 167 in the final game, the cricketers like Manish Pandey (28 runs) and Vijay Shankar were struggling hard to gather momentum. It was calmness and experience of Karthik after KL Rahul and Rohit Sharma (56 runs) to end the match with powerful performance.

Bangladesh started losing its wickets quite early on. It lost as many as three wickets for 33 runs in just five over. Shabbir Rahman stood like a formidable player whose individual’s tally of 77 runs enhanced total score over 140 runs. After him, Mehdi Hasan lifted his side with 19 more runs on 7 balls. Though India tasted the sweet victory the Bangladesh players were undoubtedly proved to be as a strong team of the Indian sub-continent.