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Kedar Jadhav refuses to acknowledge fielding as a part of Cricket

13, Jun 2017 By Sunit Ashar
Common guys, grow up!
Common guys, grow up!

London– In a recent interview, Indian Cricket all-rounder Kedar Jadhav has mentioned that fielding is not a part of the game. Kedar Jadhav, now 32 years old has spent most of his time playing on the streets of Pune.

Kedar said ” I don’t believe fielding is a part of cricket, only batting and bowling is a part of the game”, When questioned further he also said ” Fielders don’t have any contribution and its absolutely alright to just stand on the ground doing nothing when a player is not batting or bowling”.

Kedar has also suggested to include street cricket rules of “One Tuppa, One Hand” and “Directly Outside is Out” in the ICC Champion Trophy 2017.