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Mahesh Bhupathi to start coaching classes to help understand rules of next IPTL

07, Dec 2014 By chickoo2984

Mumbai. The concept of the International Premier Tennis League (IPTL), a brainchild of India’s doubles tennis star Mahesh Bhupathi, is an innovative idea to bring together injured champions, unemployed tennis legends and useless talent from India in a format that’s difficult to understand.

Mahesh Bhupati
“Yes, I will”

The 16-day tournament that started on November 28 and finishes on December 13, claimed participants like Roger Federer (via Facebook) and Novak Djokovic in never seen before invisible appearances.

The IPTL has made so many changes in playing rules that the players were looking confused whether they are playing tennis or learning tennis.

Looking at the confusion of the players and himself, Bhupathi decided that the matches will be judged by expert panel of Kirron Kher, Mahesh Bhat and Anu Malik. Sources told Faking news that there is a plan to introduce Raghu in the middle of the competition to give a twist and change the rules again.

Talking to our journalist Mahesh Bhupathi tried to explain some of the rules which our journalist was still decoding with the help of ISRO scientists while going to the press.

Mahesh Bhupathi looked so satisfied with his venture that he started calling it a success even though the stadium looked empty. On asking him about the same he said that the empty stadium clearly suggests that people are watching this new concept on their TV sets. Hence it is a huge success. He even announced that he will start 20 branches of coaching classes for the audience for the coming IPTL. He said that he himself will attend the classes before throwing them open for the public. The first branch of the classes will be inaugurated at Colaba by none other than Roger Federer’s look alike.

Our reporter managed to get a list of changes in the rule that he has proposed in the next IPTL to make the game even more exciting.

There will be addition of 2 more Indian teams, Delhi Hearts and Bengaluru Spades.

Each match will have five sets and each set will start with a tie breaker.

The players will be able to switch teams in the middle of the matches.

Players like Federer and Djokovic can participate via Whatsapp or Skype

The five sets of a match will have a Men’s Vs Women’s singles, Men’s vs Legend singles, Women vs Umpire singles, Umpire vs Spectator singles and Spectator vs Spectator singles.

The order of play will be decided by Pappu the astrologer parrot.

A team that wins the most number of games after five sets will win the match. And, if a match is tied after five sets, the Super Duper Bumper Shoot Out will decide the winner.

If even after shootout the match is tied then players will have to play a match of

Kabbaddi to decide the winner.

The team that wins a match receives tickets to go home.

The losing team will have to watch one episode of Bigg boss.

The team with the most number of points will win a chance to play in the next IPTL and the best player will get a chance to play ludo with Mahesh Bhupathi