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New Exciting Bandwagons Available for Indian Plastic Football Fans

04, Jul 2018 By Gatha

The shocking exit of Germany from the FIFA 2018 World Cup has opened up opportunities for Indian plastic football fans to jump onto new bandwagons.

The real football fans are generally firm in their choices and don’t buy into wins and losses. Plastic football fans, on the other hand, see each edition of the tournament as an opportunity to choose a new ‘favorite’ team. It has been a long established tradition of digging gold. The Curse ,which affected Spain in the 2014 World Cup saw millions of plastic football fans who claimed to be “fans of David Villa” beginning to support Germany. This is was the last time new bandwagons were made available, until now.

This World Cup edition has opened up more opportunities than ever for The Plastics. A wide range of bandwagons are now available- Uruguay; Argentina, also known Messi’s team, Croatia; Portugal, also known Ronaldo’s team; Spain; Mexico; Sweden, also known as Ibrahimovic’s team are some of the choices available till now.

One fan says, “I am glad I bought jerseys of more than three teams, and not just Germany’s, from the chor-bazaar. The foresight paid off. Now I have so many bandwagons to jump on.” Another fan echoes the sentiment, “Thank god I have a Messi, Neymar, and a Ronaldo jersey. I bought a Modric jersey too because the name sounded familiar. You never know which one will come in handy.”

One fan lauds his flexibility of choice, his willingness to jump onto multiple bandwagons. ” I always keep my options open. I always support the winners. But they change. You got to be flexible and quick to jump. You should be able to dig out the gold.”

The reporter did not have the opportunity to see if the Brazil bandwagon was available since the match was yet to take place when this article was written. It is one of the most popular bandwagon choices of all time.

Update: The Brazil bandwagon is now available as wee. The bandwagons of Argentina, Portugal, Spain, Mexico are no longer the offered choices. However, a fresh new range of bandwagons of England, Russia and France are now up for grabs.