Tuesday, 26th March, 2019

No medal in hockey diappoints

18, Apr 2018 By shakeel ahmad

Perfection in hockey was not shown in Australia. India appeared to have shifted from securing yellow medal from its traditional gold earning game to other existing sports. This was apparent from its perceptible loss of the gold medal in the game of hockey, which happened to be our national game too.

India’s entry into semi-final heightened hope of earning credit but defeat at the hands of New Zealand’s team shattered our expectations. It started staggering and lost even the third spot in the game.

So many gold medals confirm the country’s marvellous presentation at various events at the 21st Commonwealth Games at Gold Coast in Australia. But what diminished the glitter of yellow metal was the utter failure of success in hockey there.

The men’s team is supposed to have knelt before the playing style of opponent teams out and out. Although the players’ eyes were set on reaching the target of finishing conquest yet they shuddered desperately, almost faintly.

They had remained in the field physically; the ball possession was there, the fire burned among the forward players, however, all that was left to accomplish was the ultimate win. The men’s team had to lick the defeat at the hands of the English team by a margin of one goal.Strangely enough, India had earlier defeated England in the pool matches.

Along with this the women’s hockey team also could not attain victory and faced tormenting defeat by a margin of 0-6 in the match. They have also proved their excellence against the same players earlier.India had amassed so many gold medals in this edition of Commonwealth Games but could not reach the pinnacle in the national game.

This had surely been its bad luck. Hockey fans always desired better performance in international matches but there came sheer disappointment at last.