Tuesday, 26th March, 2019

Pak cricket fans buck up idea

08, Mar 2018 By shakeel ahmad

Can you accept as true that Kohli has a huge fan following in Pakistan? During the Pakistan Super League match between Islamabad United and Quetta Gladiators at Dubai International Cricket Stadium, a fan carried a placard with the message, “We want to see Virat Kohli in PSL.” This was what drew the attention of everyone probably not with not as a bolt from the blue. But this was ably perceived as confirmation of extensive fan following of the Indian cricketer. It was also taken as more like the best belief in regard to Virat’s recognition.

In whatever manner it secures coverage throughout the cricket world, normality is certainly not an aberration at all in spite of utter denial of such kind of impression. The enthusiastic fans’ liking for Kohli in the PSL might be the only option to ascertain the existing methods in pulling the keen spectators in the Dubai cricket stadium which remained vacant because of inadequate spectators having no marked interest in T 20 cricketing format.

In Dubai where the third edition of the Pakistan Super League undergoes, did not gather enough crowd despite adding glitz and glamour to the match. Empty stands and fairly lesser spectators was pretty a startling feel to watch thereby demoralising expectations of the game organisers. How perfect everything they would have thought. The dark contrast of low turnout of the onlookers against high hopes spoiled the resultant results.

It was the fact that Pakistan’s T20 League began with a star-studded opening ceremony at on February 22. The organisers might have thought of something different in order to put right the imperfect experience in regard to the scant crowd. If the Indian cricketer should have been brought into that sort of contest; there would be no laughing and joking on the crowd at least. Is it not a matter of opinion?