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People of Ghana angry with Sharapova for not knowing Atsobe Shokabom

03, Sep 2014 By johnrj

In a double blow for sportstar Maria Sharapova, the teens of Ghana have shown their disapproval of her when she had supposedly said that she does not know Atsobe Shokabom. The news comes as a surprise after a month later when she had infamously acknowledged that she does not know who Sachin Tendulkar was.

When asked who Atsobe Shokabom really is, a teen from Ghana said in excitement, “He is a famous celebrity here! I am surprised and disappointed that she in unaware of him. There cannot be a better player in Morabaraba than him.”

Maria Sharapova
Maria may now say she doesn’t know herself to cover up.

The teen went on to explain the glorious history of Morabaraba and how this mind game has been played by many countries in the world for many decades. He also explained at how this legendary player has been the inspiration to many young budding Morabaraba players now.

“No wonder she does not know Sachin Tendulkar too,” he continued, “Everybody in Ghana here knows who he is. He is one of the most famous super models from India. We see his face in almost all the products we get from India from soaps to toothpastes.”

Due to the controversy raised by the Ghanians, the Indian embassy in Ghana has raised their concerns over Sharapova’s knowledge over world affairs. Inspired by the Indian embassy’s members, some of the Ghanians have planned to sit on a Dharna in front of the Russian embassy to make them realize their citizen’s mistake

“We are fully with India,” quipped a Ghanian, “We know how civilized the people of India are and if something had caused them to get angry, it is unforgivable. We have also started posting abuses and links to Atsobe’s wikipedia page in Maria Sharapova’s wall just like how Indians dealt with her. We are learning a lot from our just Indian friends.”

“We want justice to be served immediately,” said an angry Indian embassy member in Ghana, “We want Sharapova to come to Ghana to meet our Ghanian friends here and apologize.”

Due to the escalated controversy, Russian embassies located all over the world have started sending their host countries’ sports related history books to Sharapova in an attempt to avoid further embarrassments.

The news comes as a shock especially due to the Morabaraba World tournament starting around the corner. Hearing about the tournament, Indian ministers from different states, disappointed in their bid to travel to Brazil to analyze the FIFA World Cup, have already raised a request for an all sponsored trip to visit the Morabaraba tournament to completely analyze the game and spread the game’s essence to the Indian public.