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Players obstructing competition

11, Aug 2018 By shakeel ahmad

Why one sportsperson plays two games? This is so simply because of finding more scope in the choice. There has been noticed that a player playing hockey previously opts for the game of cricket. That player then snatches opportunity of another player. He definitely requires down-to-earth things in order to sustain in the sports. Thus he obstructs entry of others on the ground.

A few sportswomen played two different games at one point in time. An Australian player Elyse Alexander Perry showed her football and hockey playing dexterity. Another player Suzanna Wilson Suzie Bates from New Zealand was quite expert at doing the best in both the basketball and the cricket.

Further, Sophie Frances Monique Devine also from New Zealand played the hockey and the cricket with equal excellence. Above all, Elena Joy Tice of Ireland earned a name in the cricket and the hockey evenly. She has brought the silver medal for her team in the hockey recently.

These are some selected and glaring examples of international sportswomen skilled in two separate sports at one time. They have just achieved a position in their individual’s lives where they have also emerged as the champions in several ways.

They clearly realised it as vital enough to deserve a grand alteration in their games from one to another at one period of time. Who has not used two-camera mobiles? There are no dearths of students attaining double degrees. Actors are also regularly playing double roles in the films.

Even the double-decker buses are also not out of our queer sight. However, what surprises us most is the habit of developing an interest in two sports at the same time. For a few sportswomen at an international level, their devoted pursuit in two different games leaves us guessing what they are achieving.