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A rare interview of a Mumbai Indians Cheerleader

01, May 2017 By sanand317

Cheerleaders of Indian Premier League are strictly prohibited from interacting with Media. Yet, our correspondent Manshukh Manchanda caused a coup of sorts when he persuaded Tina (Name changed for obvious reasons), who hails from the USA and is a cheerleader of Mumbai Indian team, to give an interview. Below is the transcript of that interview.

Me: Hi Tina.

Tina: Namaste.

Me: Wow! It seems you know have picked up a few Hindi words in India.

Tina: Hmmm. I am good at learning new things.

Me: So what are the other words that you have picked?

Cheerleader giving her interview
Cheerleader giving her interview

Tina (Smilingly): Mostly they are abuses. If you want then i can give you a demonstration? (Winks)

Me (Shocked): Please NO! By the way who taught you these words?

Tina: Both players and audience. Players use them on the field while audience off the field. As i told you earlier, i am a quick learner. (Smiles)

Me: hahaha. Anyways, tell me how has been your experience working with Mumbai Indians?

Tina: To be frank, it has not been as great as I had expected it to be. Mumbai Indians are on a winning spree and it means a lot of dancing for me. My whole body pains a lot because of that. I wish i were in Bangalore team. Their cheerleaders are getting the same amount of money and not much of work to do. I think my karma is unkind to me.

Me: But you should feel happy that your team is winning. On a different note, tell me which team are you supporting apart from your own team?

Tina: mmmmm..It’s the team of KRK-The great superstar of Bollywood.

Me: You mean SRK?

Tina: Hahahha….ya, you are right. I meant SRK. I got confused.

Me: No problem. Though you may not be totally wrong about KRK, as he also considers himself to be superstar of Bollywood.

Tina: But isn’t KRK a team?

Me: No. It’s KKR and not KRK

Tina: Ya ya.I am getting confused among SRK and KRK and KKR?

Me: The kind of movies SRK is making these days that day is not far away when SRK would become synonymous with KRK.

Tina: What?

Me: Ignore it.

Me: Ok tell me have you met any celebrity here in India?

Tina: Ya, i met an actor from the industry who told me he is a star in the bollywood. His name was Dino, if i remember it correctly

Me: You mean Dino Morea?

Tina: Bingo!

Me: Now i think your Karma is really been unkind to you!

Tina: What?

Me: Nothing.

Tina: Is he not a star?

Me: He was a star once but as of now he is a black hole.

Tina: what? I am not able to understand what you are talking.

Me: its o.k.

Tina: Listen, i need to go as i fear i might be caught giving interview to you. Moreover, i need to go and take rest as i have got a match tomorrow.

Me: Ya sure. May be we can chat more next time.

Tina: Only if i be able to survive the winning spree of Mumbai Indians.

Me: Hahahah…Sure you would survive. All the best!

Tina: Thanks. Bye

Me: Bye