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Sachin fans rue over Sharapova's hue

06, Aug 2014 By Ankur

There is an idiom in Hindi, that we human tend to see more butter in others plate. And we Indians are the perfect examples of it. For an instance, the controversy of Russian tennis star showed no interest in cricket and showed total ignorance when asked about legendary cricketer Sachin Tendulkar.

Although, we all know, Sharapova to whom some people address as Sarapova (not to consider it unethical, it might hurt someone’s ethics). So Sarapova, ok sorry Sharapova. Oops no sorry, ethics would get hurt. The scintillating tennis star who have had featured in a famous ad with the maestro, refused to recognize him and on the top of it the company who manufactures camera, didn’t even manage to click them together. Now, come to think of that it can be said, canon don’t sell good cameras at all. The ad of the company never featured them together, so guys before you buy their camera, just make sure it that you feature with your family in the picture, because you never know with the newer technology.

Getting back to the point, Sarapova aka Sharapova disapproved to have known Sachin, may be she only talk to the ones who are as taller as her, some 6’2 just. Poor she, didn’t even know Tendulkar’s stature is bigger and better than her height. Had she known this, she wouldn’t have become the victim of the Indians sitting idle at home taking a look at what they doing rather than introspection. But in India, where every other person is an adviser and a doctor don’t think so. Picking and plucking mistakes of others and top of it they feel it worth a job. Very true it’s not easy to peep into others work. Certain qualifications are required such as, one has to give up shame, need to become arrogant and foolish yet confident, which is not an easy work to be done, clearly.

Such people who begin criticize and foul mouth others, as in the case of miss Sharapova, where Sachin Tendulkar’s fan completely dismissed her talent. The Russsian sensation, who has 5 grand slams to her name was unapologetic to have not known the maestro, that’s what the die hard Sachin’s fan thought of. And as the cliche goes, it requires a spark for fuel to explode, fans just needed a hay to create a controversy unnecessary, blowing the matter out of proportion.

This is not it, if you ask these cricket enthusiast, that who was the first individual to have won Olympic medal, many of them fall blank and would look place to escape. Interestingly, there are a few videos of Indian youngsters which are doing rounds, who are pretty much unaware of our own heroes, who fared exceedingly well in other games. Many teenagers in the video can be seen looking here and there and standing like a wall with no expressions. The youngsters in the video are so expression less that even Katrina Kaif would edge past them through her facial gestures, though it seems unreal, but its quite apparent in the video. Anyway, we need to know there are many thing beyond and much more serious than Sachin-Sharapova skit. So, grow up Indians.