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Sharapova gets chance

11, Jun 2018 By shakeel ahmad

Two tennis giants were supposed to have been a face to face on the tennis court at Roland Grand but the fate has something different in store. One strong adversary had to opt out of the game thereby paving the way open for her experienced player to move straight into the fourth quarterfinal round of the ongoing match.

It may be snugly said that the American player’s fans would have felt a big displeasure in her withdrawal on account of the arm injury from the match. Serena is disappointed while Maria is confident.

Serena Williams’ arm injury directly advantages struggling Maria Sharapova in the game of tennis. With her painful exit from the French Open Tournament, the Russian player enters into the quarterfinal round of the match.

Ruling her out of the year’s important tennis tournament, the American tennis star has given a solid opportunity to her adversary Sharapova of moving ahead in the fourth round. We come to assume of Maria’s transition as a token of her good luck.

After all, it was a lot harder for an ace tennis player like hurt Serena Williams to stand out in a spectator of several thousand. It was not a sudden choice but supposed to have been taken by her following a well-considered plan.

She was even found to be seen in the video of her sheer incapability in carrying her bag out of the court because of the grave pectoral injury. Some of her fans might not take that well but she maintained her coolness. She was not able to give her even sixty percent in the game.

She admitted, “Unfortunately I am having serious issues with my peck muscle. Right now I cannot actually serve so it is kind of hard to play. It is very difficult. It is so painful. I am beyond disappointed.”