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Sharapova hopes of bright tennis future

15, Aug 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Definitely Maria Sharapova is supposed to enter the tennis court with more confidence and fight instinct. She has been gearing her up for countering the opponent players with the renewed zest. Her ingress into the tennis court has become possible through the wild card. Her intake of prohibited drug made her miserable as she remained deprived of playing the important tennis events at different venues. When she passed so many months in the banishment, her spirited confidence for presenting herself as a powerful player seems sheer strange. How could she maintain her aggressive service?

Her chance of emerging as a unique player looks quite bleak with her becoming older. She recently sat out the Rogers Cup in Toronto and also pulled out of Western and Southern Open in Cincinnati. Although she claims of her feat after the 15-month long doping ban yet she may not be wholly sure of her finer game in the US Open at the month’s end. She endeavours firmly to show her hand volley despite left arm injury at the Flashing Meadows. She was constantly insisting upon amassing extra enhanced energy. Notwithstanding, her wild card entry into the court may prove to be luckless as is being presumed by the sports gazers.

Being a five-time Grand Slam champion she has definitely spent enough sad time in the dismal privation. However, her strong zest to fight graciously with the young players may be difficult in an unconfident way. She could not refute her profound interest in the tennis game but the doping ban would have slackened her grip over the valiant play. The Russian tennis player would also be somewhere mentally upset. She expects of the positive future by her wild card opportunity. She focuses on her physical fitness for the major event of the year.