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Sreesanth to launch match fixing startup

16, Aug 2017 By yogesh911

Kerala. Kerala HC has directed BCCI to ensure banned pacer Sreesanth gets a slot in the ongoing test match with Sri Lanka. Earlier Sreesanth in a statement asked BCCI to give him his “livelihood back” after he was banned from international cricket for 4 years. But it has come to light that Sreesanth had asked for a career in match fixing and betting rather than a slot in the Indian cricket team.

“What you give comes back to you: Middle finger”
“What you give comes back to you: Middle finger”

He has no interest in the game and has developed a new hobby of fixing matches. Sreesanth has also put in a plea to the government to legalize match fixing in India. This way he claims he could fix matches to get Indian football to the FIFA world cup too.  He has come to believe that the match is played more off the field than on the field. He is working on the match fixing startup idea and is eyeing a potential funding from Dawood.

Sreesanth claims to have gained a lot of experience in match fixing post his ban from international cricket. He says he has been spot fixing matches on the game EA Sports Cricket 2007. While playing the game he deliberately makes India lose by making Nehra bowl in the slog overs. He also revealed he has banned the player ‘Sreesanth’ from playing in EA Sports Indian cricket team and would make himself play once he returns to the original version of the game. The match fixer has a movie lined up this year where he will be seen playing a ‘bookie’. He will be seen fixing television shows like Nach Baliye and Dance India Dance.

Sreesanth also believes he is free of corruption in the fixing case since he contested for BJP in kerala elections. He believes everything is fair in love and when you are with BJP. Haryana BJP chief Subhash Barala’s son Vikas accused of stalking an IAS officer’s daughter has come out in full support of the cricketer.