Sri Lankan family hires the indian cricket team for whitewashing their home

08, Sep 2017 By RT

Sri Lanka. After the 5-0 win in the ODI series, the fans in the country are pretty much convinced that it is going to be a whitewash by the indian cricket team again in the T20 as well. The island nation is fully aware that the Team India are the best whitewashers in the business, as of now. A family has actually hired the team for painting their home, it is learnt by Faking News.

“Currently, the touring Indian team are the best whitewashers in the country. We want to use the services while still available. After the lone T20, the team will leave and we will be left with ordinary local contractors again. In particular, we like that Pandya boy. We are looking forward for the designs he will do on top of the walls, not unlike the patterns he does to his own head” the head of the family told Faking News.

“Our performances in the ongoing series seem to be getting worse with each passing match. The fourth one-dayer saw us suffer our heaviest defeat. We could not take advantage of the early wicket of Dhawan and the mini-collapse after Virat Kohli’s dismissal. Now, we got a 5-0 whitewash. But it is OK. We found a different utility from this whitewashing team” a member of the family told Faking News.

“We always complain about our salaries, not good enough. While touring, our daily allowance is below par comparing to the allowances enjoyed by diplomats and parliamentarians. Our shopping in touring nations is a pale shadow in comparison with what Sasikala does from within a prison in Bengaluru. This whitewashing job gives us chance to make a few extra bucks” one of the young Indian cricketer told Faking News.

Learning of the development, many Sri Lankan cricketers volunteered to offer unconditional help during Indian team’s white washing of homes and offices in the island nation, it is learnt by Faking News.