Teachers showed guts in field too

15, Dec 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: One lady teacher has all the energy to reach the second position in shot put event at the school’s yearly sports day. She stated rather jokingly that she had gained all the power through being stern to the students.

Her words were: she managed to gain energy by her strictness towards the students. By looking at her age and body it does not look believable but she could marvel at what was her capability.

If proper or regular practice is not done, it becomes quite hard to throw the heavy ball. The round-shaped iron ball certainly requires thrower’s precise aim as well as stamina. There was specifically no insularity in good sound robust health.

The students could not stop staring at their teachers whose taut and muscular body appeared like it would never be daunted by running or throwing. As the junior class students were not present on the day, the senior students undoubtedly enjoyed the shot put performance.

The third-day vacation for the junior students came owing to the teachers’ participation. The message was circulated through the message on the mobile. They thus found one more opportunity to remain under warm covers amid the weather’s adverse condition. They escaped from going to the school in the colder morning hours. There was no hotchpotch as the message was delivered quite earlier by the school.

The teachers participating in the event were definitely vigorous in handling the five-kg solid ball. They threw it at a little farther distance in order to prove their accuracy. The school students were little surprised at their teachers as to how and where they should find so much energy.

However, they were happy with their teachers’ calibre in the games also. The school certainly completed its annual responsibility by organising sports events for the teachers.