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Team India to next tour Afghanistan to continue the whitewash trend set in Sri Lanka: BCCI

08, Sep 2017 By RT

Mumbai. BCCI has announced today that Team-India will next tour Afghanistan to continue the whitewash trend set in Sri Lanka. This time around, there will be a whopping 10 ODIs played, it is learnt by Faking News.

“We help the players with schedules and choice of opposition when they help us with results. In advertisement lines, we practice as much as they do. They get attention; We get attention. It is very important that the whitewashing trend continues until the inevitable happens again and some other country returns the favour,” a top BCCI official told Faking News.

“I appreciate and welcome the decision. Will help me achieve things to challenge this Amla fellow. Opposition like Afghanistan are record givers. Even the great Sachin bhai needed someone like Bangladesh to score his 100th ton. Perhaps, I can increase my tally from 30 tons to 35 in this series,” the Indian captain told Faking News.

“No one else has visited our country in decades, other than Americans and Russians earlier. We are ready for any kind of war, winning or losing. This cricket war, if it can be called that, is going to boost our image as born warriors. We are not worried about any kind of white-wash. There isn’t any wall left in our country for the opposition to whitewash us” the manager of the Afghan team told Faking News.

After the Afghan series, it will be coin toss decision between a Bangladesh tour or a West Indies tour, it is learnt by Faking News. According to the leaked remarks from the Indian coach, all 3 options are possible: Bangladesh, West Indies and Sri Lanka again.