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To tackle “Mystery spinners”, Delhi Daredevils pick Subramanian Swamy in 2015 squad

18, Feb 2015 By geesundar

Delhi Daredevils, have recruited renowned mystery lawyer Subramanian Swamy as part of their squad to handle “mystery spinners” in the 2015 Edition of the IPL.

Showing proof of his spinning capabilities.
Showing proof of his spinning capabilities.

Subramanian Swamy, well known for unravelling unsolved cases right from the Vedic age, has found solutions for mystery spinning stories ranging from Netaji’s last years to Sonia Gandhi’s first years.

Talking of the new development, Venky Mangalore, CEO of Delhi Daredevils said:” Team Delhi picks players and support staff who exhibit daredevilry in every walk of life. Subramanian Swamy with his exceptional ability of being both a devil and daring to the opposition makes him a perfect fit for our team. Swamy, also being a fan of great spinners like Mahatma Gandhi, will further boost his presence in the team”

The news of Subramanian Swami’s inclusion has already sent jitters to other IPL Teams. CSK which has multiple mystery spinners across various casinos, is said to be most affected by this development.

As Venky Mangalore points out,” There are some things even Google Doesn’t know. For all such things there is Subramanian Swamy”. It remains to be seen whether Swamy handles these mystery spinners on the front foot or defensively.