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Virat Kohli to continue carrying aggression on field, will wear boxing gloves for boxing day test match

27, Dec 2018 By Gaurav Mittal

Virat Kohli will wear boxing gloves instead of batting gloves when he comes to bat on second day in the ongoing boxing day test match at Melbourne.

virat kohli angry

Kohli is known for carrying aggression on field and he seems to have find some inspiration from the tradition of holding a test match on boxing day in Melbourne, Australia

Viral Kohli himself revealed this through a video he posted on twitter where he claimed to be the “mukkabaaz” of the Indian cricket team. Kohli doesn’t give a damn what people think about him and is always one step forward from his critics.

Recently when Naseeruddin Shah called him “world’s worst behaved player” Kohli chose to ignore him even though Naseeruddin Shah was expecting that Kohli will ask him to leave India (the way Kohli asked one cricket fan). Now Mr Shah is trying his luck by saying “India is unsafe” so that he will be asked to leave India by some lunatic fringe of a political group and Mr. Shah can play a victim card

It is unlikely that wearing boxing gloves will have any impact on Kohli’s batting and he might just punch the ball too with boxing gloves. Kohli is also known for punching the air with his fist whenever he makes a century.  If he scores a century here then we will see a more authentic punch.

On being asked about Kohli wearing boxing gloves Indian team coach Ravi Shastri said, “It was my idea. At least I will not be asked questions about team selection and whole focus will be on Kohli’s boxing gloves.