Tuesday, 26th March, 2019

Will Dravid skirt cricket arena?

07, Feb 2018 By shakeel ahmad

With a soft grumble, the coach Rahul Dravid proceeds to go up against the BCCI’s uneven cash rewards to him, support staff and players. Is he aiming to become a politician? His collectivism indicates that edge. It can be wholly wrong. However, selfless attitude shows his proclivity towards that end. One normally treads such kind of do-good approach while going behind the politics.

Virtually he has proved himself a better socialist by now. He wanted equal pay for every member involved in the campaign. He appeared to have disliked others receiving less money than him. He accepted that everyone provided an equal and united role in junior team’s victory. He has belief in the socialism negating discrimination.

The entire socialist in him awakened only after the Cricket Board announced awards of Rs 50 lakh for the head coach, Rs 20 lakh to each of the supporting staff and Rs 30 lakh to the players. The disparity in the award money has not gone well with the former Indian captain. He questioned: Why was the difference in the cash prize between him, his support staff and the winning squad?

His honesty has a mention in the PM Narendra Modi’s speech at his recent rally in Karnataka. There must be some weight to it.The U-19 coach remained selfless all the time. His advice to the winning team bore fruit ultimately. If his cricketing advice can be like Oracle of Delphi, the boys’ win upholds the golden Ecstasy of Apollo, the god of Sun!

The Oracle of Delphi, a priestess, who in a dream breathing vapours from a crevice in the rocks delivered a message from Apollo to persons seeking her advice. When the young cricketers continued the symphony of triumph, no magic appeared foremost than the victory at the U-19 World Cup in New Zealand.