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Wonderful Tajmahal, Stunning Sharapova

03, Dec 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Be it widely acclaimed Taj Mahal or the tennis star Maria Sharapova, there is no end to their good looks. Praise for both comes spontaneously as beauty is a joy forever.

Standing before the Mughal monument the beholder begins to dream of the exquisiteness of the white marble. Likewise, the Russian star directly gets the marriage proposal from one fan.

Her preserved natural striking figure still catches the attention of the fans on the tennis court. It is owing to this very obvious reason a Turkish fan bewitched by her prettiness made an instant wedlock proposal during the middle of the ongoing match.

The point for her was straight. She might sometimes be wondering if she had an adequate amount of whatever in common with these kinds of funny fans.

It was definitely they who did not take no for an answer. Like so many other famed sports stars with this situation, she seemed to be not struggling much and showed her enormity with coming to terms with the spur-of-the-moment answer.

She was getting prepared to serve from her end when an avid watcher suddenly called out from the stands, “Maria, will you marry me?” sending the spectators into peals of laughter. Was that fan have got to give her props for trying? Was this hasty proposal just like a piece of cake?

However, the player engrossed in the game responded with the appropriate answer. She replied, “Maybe” which further sent the intently looking viewers into clangour of cracks which reverberated all through the length and breadth of the well-erected tennis court.

Although this was an exhibition match, the game was also one-sided yet it turned out to be so much fun for the audience. It was really smashing time for the staunch tennis players present in the gallery and stands.