Wednesday, 19th June, 2019

Youths should play Kabbadi

05, Jun 2018 By shakeel ahmad

There is no need to sell pakoda for becoming rich as was supported by our wily politicians time and again. It is not like by the youths as they aspire for white-collar jobs. The strong-bodied youths should learn to play a purely indigenous game of Kabbadi as it also fetches crores of rupees for an efficient player. Though this game does not secure same attention as the game of cricket or football or golf or tennis draws, it has the capacity to enrich the player’s income in several figures.

If an educated youth would have qualms over selling the pakoda at a roadside corner, he would certainly not shy away from playing the game of long breath. It requires stamina, alertness and ability to hold back a gulp of air. As we were fully aware of the youths’ keenness towards fit and healthy body they should ponder over taking a deep interest in Kabaddi in order to turn out crorepati without much outlay. At this time of professionalism, an even very discarded game like Kabbadi has developed a position of importance since the formation of Pro Kabbadi League. This has enhanced the familiarity of the game where the players were being acquired by different franchises at the higher rates.

In the sixth season of the League there remained as many as six players in the list high-value purchases list. A total of five Indian players were auctioned in over an amount of one crore. These players were themselves surprised at the auction level. What caused them to be happy at this was their secure future.

Monu Goyat became the costliest player in the PKL history while Rahul Chowdhary remained the second costliest player in the auctions. Deepak Hooda, Nitin Tomar, Rishant Devadiga were others who touched the figures beyond one crore in the bidding war.