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Airtel's 4G girl found queuing outside stores to get Reliance Jio sim

02, Sep 2016 By Hemant Bijapurkar

Mumbai: The Airtel 4G girl who hugely popularised the Airtel 4G brand by challenging people to downloading movies and opening websites and going to various remote locations in the country to showcase Airtel’s network coverage was today seen in the city queuing outside a Reliance Digital store trying to get the coveted Reliance Jio sim.

Airtel 4G girl's reaction upon finding about Reliance Jio
Airtel 4G girl’s reaction upon finding about Reliance Jio

Though what prompted her to take such a drastic step is yet to be known. Reliance has announced that they would provide free data and voice until 31’st December which has sparked a frenzy amongst Indians.

The 4G girl was unavailable for comment as was still in a queue 12 hrs after she was first spotted so we decided to connect with a visibly saddened senior employee of a leading telecom company who rapidly hid his lyf smartphone and started using his telecom’s 2G network as our reporter approached, “Well we were having such a grand time treating all our customers like trash, be it by causing incessant call drops or starting to cut balance from the main account, if one accidentally kept the data on or the extra charges on festivals which prompted people to celebrate Diwali or Holi a day earlier. Let us also forget the bills we used to charge for our postpaid customers. Even a chartered accountant might have a hard time figuring out the charges. And our network and coverage issues, well they worked like a charm. But this Reliance Jio has ruined everything for us! How dare Mukesh Ambani even think about what is good for the customer! Now even our beloved 4G girl has decided to switch sides, for the first time it doesn’t feel good to be bad.”

Some claim that the 4G girl was there to have a speed challenge with Jio but abandoned her plans and got a sim instead after she failed to receive any 4G signal in the heart of Mumbai.