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Apple to introduce 'Babloo' to replace Siri in India

01, Feb 2017 By Ajinkya Lakhepatil

Bengaluru: The tech giant Apple has decided to replace Siri with newer Indian version ‘Babloo’ in India. This move is presumably to capture major market of India. “The Indian customers will feel more closeness with ‘Babloo’ as Indians are more accustomed with ‘Babloo’ than Siri”, says the Apple press release.

Babloo is happy to assist you
Babloo is happy to assist you

Apple is facing fierce competition from some Chinese and South Korean brands all over the world. The Indian market is getting major attention from all tech giants with India’s growing middle class. This move of Apple is to entice Indians to make them perceive more proximity to Apple. The ‘Babloo’ will be in the newer iPhones and iPads in India by default. The old Apple customers in India can update the device to replace Siri with ‘Babloo’.

Apple has shrewdly observed the Indian household name ‘Babloo’ and made this business decision. The inside sources from Apple have confirmed that the ‘Babloo’ had to compete with other names like Guddu, Pappu. Hopefully, The Indians will feel more comfortable with Babloo to seek help rather than Siri. The new Babloo will have Indian English accent and will be Indian voiceover.

The Apple press release also said, “While unveiling Babloo in India, we have to say to Siri that this is just business decision. Siri will always be remain integral part of Apple in the rest of world. Hope Siri understands our situation.”

The Apple is also working to make Babloo aware of Hindi as many Indians usually switch to Hindi when they get stuck while conversing in English. However the Hindi aware ‘Babloo’ will require more time to be unveiled in India, as the inside Apple sources have opined the same.