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Apple to kickstart kidney sell off: Indian IT Engineers sacrificing life savings to impress girlfriends

13, Sep 2017 By Deepraj Jha

The Bajrang Dal have been alerted on the forced kidney sell off compelled on the guys by their girlfriends. “Lathi is being oiled and any Fresher IT Engineer seen buying iPhone would be Laathi charged and the act would be observed as a suicide” said Bajrang dal and Hanuman Yuva Morcha chief Pawan-Putra Hanuman Kesarinath Maharaj Ji.

Tim Cook was in tears when he came to know that Indian girlfriends love iPhone for the Logo it has on the back and Jony IVE the chief designer was on cloud 9 hearing this. Apple has promised that the Indian Ladies wont be dissapointed we will be releasing Iphone in the following colours only:i-kidney_091114051315

Available colours

1. Light pink 2. Baby Pink 3. Champagne pink 4. Hot Pink 5. Deep Pink 6. Cameo pink 7. Spanish pink

Tim cook said he will gift Dark pink to his partner. He further added “I wonder how Mr modi is still a bachelor:

Meanwhile Narayana Murthy blamed vishal sikka for paying so much salary to the INFOSYS Freshers that they can afford Iphone at such a young age. Mr murthy has further mailed Board of Directors about how sikka is deliberately spoiling the kids and how in his days he barely had money to buy rose for sudha even on valentine days and she still holds this against him.

Oppo and vivo announced that they will be rolling out “expensive than apple – lesser feature than Nokia 3310″ version of their phone so that they can take over apple as the status symbol which will cost one testicles and we are not at all going to touch the kidney and we will File a PIL for this in INDIA as to how can Apple target kidney?” said Mr doklam jinping beijing (chairman of Oppo Vivo)

AND The biggest asshole salesman ever to live The Steve Jobs died of heart attack in Heaven/Hell after seeing how successfully Tim is making the fool out of people.