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Apple launching new iPhone XI with Kerosene support

05, Feb 2018 By aniketgodara

Apple is going to launch a iPhone named as iPhone XI. The main highlight of the device (which was leaked from a anonymous site) will be performance.

The new iPhone would use kerosene in combination with lithium ion battery to perform better. One of the spokeperson of Apple said- It took us 5 years to turn this technology into RealityKings. This will further enhance the capacity of the Iphone’s Multitasking and some of our most revolutionary features which are least used like faceID, Animoji.

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New iPhone

As they used to consume a lots of battery. When the phones battery is low it would automatically shift to kerosene. On kerosene it would make sounds like a stove which would make people around them calm. The people would have to buy a five liter revolutionary iKerosene tank to store it. Further to carry it revolutionary ikerosene tank apple has designed a ibagpack taking into considerations of the consumers.

In a tie with Govt of india, for making the availability of kerosene, Both GOI and Apple have reached to a single decision of- The kerosene for apple phones would be available at local public distribution shop and you should have a yellow card to buy kerosene. The terms of conditions would be decided by GOI: Every person having income lower than Rs 10000/- would be able to get yellow card. They have to apply to local RSS office to get approval for Yellow card issuance.Every person having in possession of yellow card who isn’t real beneficiary for that card would be given a latest macbook for half of the price but person himself has to buy its accessories.

Apple said in official statement: Its the new strategy of apple which has nothing to do with the strategy of removing 3.5 mm jack. And compelling people to buy a iphone for rs 100k and then buy airpods for rs 23k. Which further has nothing to do with the strategy of removing USB port and CD drive from its MACBOOK latest editions

On a question asked by journist from Timepass news which was- Where do you get all these ideas? we took this idea from Mr. BIRBAL (who was visiting to apple headquarters to find some answers for questions asked by Mr. AKBAR around 800 years ago)

The Iphone XI would be prices at Rs 1,29,998/-

The Ikerosene tank would be priced at Rs 2,00,000/-

The ibag would be priced at Rs 10,00,000/-