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BBMP contractor opposes patent filed for water soluble tar in US

07, Sep 2016 By Saurabh Minni

Bangalore. Dr Rasayan Jones had filed a patent in US patents office claiming to have found a new way to make water soluble tar. It could be have wide ranging impact in social, military and technology sector. It was hailed as the biggest innovation of the year by popular tech news magazine Chemical Brothers Magazine.

But this innovations seems to have now stuck in tar itself. Mr Manjunatha Reddy Gowda, a civil contractor from Bangalore claims to have been using this method for ages now. He claims that he and a number of other contractors who have been repairing roads for BBMP using this. Its has been more or less their secret sauce for success. He claims that every time he repairs the roads, the roads are back to same once it rains. He and others get a lot of repeat work because of this genius method.

Mr Manjunatha Reddy Gowda plans to file a case against Dr Rasayan Jones for leaking out their business secret. He also worried about repercussions on his business because this leak. But once it was pointed out to him that this might open other avenues of business he calmed down. He added that he might look for more into details for that. Dr Rasayan Jones seemed very interested in the details. He now wants to collaborate with the contractors and take this technology to the next level. He compared this innovation to Zero.