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Bollywood hero brought 4 G first

23, Oct 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Two-G internet is old-fashioned, of course. It has been modernised in every way and the net users are now using 4 G where fibre upstream and downward data are bringing instant information in the form of a confirmation. It came as somewhat of a feeling of pleasure to those who remain internet-centric.  But have we ever considered of the first 4 G user in the country? We rather confess naively and compliment the researchers for their ingenuity in bringing 4 G bands. Several are so ready to take what individuals say for a proved and accepted fact. Do we not find time to think of this reality? Something strikes to mind as wrong about the established story but people could not get hold of what it factually was.

There is no doubt over this strong point. Simple faith is more typical of wondering a little. A few non-committal words could make it acceptable comprehensibly. There is no need to turn away wide eyes from this very plain certainty in a roundabout way. It was many, many years ago the Bollywood acclaimed thespian Anil Kapoor said that ‘AG, OG, Lo G, Suno G’. It has every tint of strappingly continual letters of 4 G in the whole of the lyrical line. ‘No’, it was just so that the expression should not be quite mysterious.

With the light being fairly dim and the way shadow falls it is hardly possible that one can have seen very clearly. Can one not be positive with this odd eye-opener idea? What the young hero of that time performed on 4 G sort of the film song, is now an area of mobile network companies providing bands with such widths. The users are easily accessing through fast speed broadband. However, the scientists are desperately endeavouring to bring perfection in the hardware device.