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Boy keeps charging gadgets, develops sleeplessness disorder

19, Jan 2018 By chetna chauhan

Delhi. Minku spends most of his time near the charging point. He keeps checking the battery of his gadgets, even at night. He has developed sleeplessness disorder due to this. In an interview given to Faking News reporter, his mom revealed the problem. According to her, the situation was normal till Minku used to charge his smartphone and laptop only.

Things started to go wrong after he bought a power bank. He started spending more time near the charging point, checking how much time is remaining for the full charge. Things worsened when he bought a fitness band and a wireless headphone in the sale.

"Charging mobile keeps me charged": Montu
“Charging mobile keeps me charged”: Minku

Minku had the habit of sleeping late since his engineering days. But this time he has developed a sleeplessness disorder. In the initial stage, Minku showed symptoms of waking up at night and checking for the battery in gadgets. Gradually his frequency of waking up at night increased. Slowly he became Insomniac.

His mom told our reporter “Minku kept on buying new gadgets in big billion day sale. He said more shopping means ‘more savings,’ a concept which no one in our family could understand except Minku.” She further added, “There is a strange looking watch called fitness band, bought by Minku. He says that the watch will tell the number of steps he walks. The wireless headphones were bought for the morning jog. But there is no use. Minku does not go anywhere these days. He keeps charging his power bank, watch, headphones, in addition to phone and laptop that he already had. Minku’s problem is getting adverse day bay day. He keeps things on charge and forgets to switch on the charging point. Later he becomes mad at himself.

Minku’s treatment has already been started at Agra’s famous hospital. We wish Minku a speedy recovery.