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Chaos at IT Company as Face Recognition Attendance System fails to recognize employee with no makeup

24, Jan 2019 By RT

Mumbai. There were absolute chaos in the morning at Ari Software Systems in the suburbs of the metro city. A software architect, Atiras (name changed to protect the identity, though a makeup remover is sufficient for ensuring privacy) got the shock of her IT life when the Face Recognition Attendance System failed to recognize her. The system refused to activate the door open, without passing comments on the display, silly or otherwise.


It all started in the morning for Atiras when the Alarm clock stopped working. Actually, the clock itself stopped working with the battery running out.

From the moment Atiras got up late that morning, she was rushing through all morning activities and skipped the all-important breakfast and also avoided the absolutely needed makeup. She arrived at the office slightly hungry and extremely angry at herself, cursing everything in general and the manufacturer of the battery in particular.

The sight of her desk, with HR walking briskly towards the meeting rooms and familiar made-up faces of the fellow techies and the breakfast smell from the canteen, calmed her a little bit. Then the unthinkable happened.

Atiras flashed her face for the Attendance System and the display just blinked. She tried a few times, adjusting her smile and trying out a few expressions and the System kept on saying ‘Unauthorised’.

She called the security personnel for assistance and they demanded that she first signs the visitor’s book and then they could issue an entry-pass. Atiras shouted in as much high pitch she could fetch from her empty stomach and the security guy finally recognized her.

Then it hit her. If a human pair of eyes cannot recognize her with no make-up, how can an AI enabled Face Recognition Attendance System do it? She ran to the ladies make-up room loosely referred as the restroom. Only Atiras knew that she didn’t rest a bit but vehemently applied all the needed make-up for the demands of the day ahead and the immediate technical challenge extended by the Attendance System.

“Welcome Atiras! Have a great day!” the system recognised all things loreal and allowed her in. The whole day she was left with thinking what exactly is this world looking at in a person. Is she just a loreal or low real or even no real? It isn’t just the actresses who act on top of heavy make-up. It is just about everyone now, be it teachers, corporate office goers, hotel staff and heaven-forbid airline staff, specifically Air India.

When Faking News reporter asked for comments, “I have intense desire for association with people, as name suggests! I am real!” Atiras shouted and left. The top sources from within the company confirmed that the AI based Face Recognition algorithm was developed in-house by a team headed by Atiras.