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Fair and Lovely has been secret to success : Elon Musk

25, Oct 2017 By AdityaSachan

Elon Musk is no stranger today,the celebrated CEO of Tesla, SpaceX and many other revolutionary companies. Today he is famous and important. The world wants to his thoughts.

elon musk But there was time few years back, when his companies were not doing well. When SpaceX was failing to launch rockets successfully. And when people criticized him always.

‘Yes, I cannot confirm this officially. But during lost times, when ELon Musk was being held as irrational businessman and his ideas on electric car, reusable rockets were subject of mockery. He did face lot of hard time. But he was determined, and knew that his ideas are revolutionary. He worked really hard for them. Had sleepless nights but never gave up. It was then, he also discovered Fair & Lovely. As soon he started applying it, within few weeks just like shown in advertisements, amazing things started to happen. People started taking him seriously, be it investors, stock market or anyone in the entire world. He had a visible mesmerizing glow on his face.’, said unknown, unnamed and un-glowing sources.

‘I wish to have known this amazing power of Fair & Lovely. I remember clearly when Elon Musk entered with glow on his face to discuss reusable launch system with Grasshopper vertical take-off and vertical landing (VTVL) technology. And people were smiling, instead of asking about technical challenges they just said ‘Yes, it can be done!’. It reminded me of Fair & Lovely advertisements where girl got a job just with glow on her face’, said another un-glowing person who worked closely with Elon Musk.

‘Even in recent talks when you see Elon Musk talking about threats from Artificial Intelligence, it is due to his fear, that AI may never need Fair & Lovely, so we cannot predict if it will be fair in future. And hence Elon talks about dark side of AI always’, said source.

As rumors go, Elon Musk may be considered as brand ambassador for fairness products like SRK, John Abraham and many other actors. It is time to be fair to technology!