Wednesday, 26th June, 2019

Indian bullet trains will be used for Mangalyaan 2: Modi challenges Elon musk

16, Sep 2017 By Deepraj Jha

In a joint statement issued by PMO and railway ministry: “The people of India will enjoy Mars voyage with the latest bullet trains way before Elon musk’s Spacex tries to do anything of this kind that is popularising interplanetary travel”.

Listening to this suresh Prabhu in his new ministry of commerce is having fits and Shinzo abe is directly masturbating in the Ganga in Modi’s constituency Varanasi. Further China has agreed to give back Akshai chin to India and promised not to mess up with India ever on Doklam kind of issues. Chinese silently think Indians will anyways end up dying attempting anything of this kind but foolish they are thinks RSS.modi-merkel-meme

The Hindutva angle

Vishwa Hindu parishad has requested PMO to make sure that At least 100 people should be easily accommodated on bullet train roof top they say that all the karyakartas want to enjoy Akash Ganga sitting naked on roof top. Meanwhile Baba Ramdev has already started working on creating seed for dant Kanti toothpaste and plans to plant the first tree on Mars ever called Patanjali Dant Kanti Bodhi tree.

Chief minister of UP wants to take this opportunity to carry the shri ram murti from Ayodhya and establish it on Mars and declare Mars as Hindu rashtra. Listening all this Elon musk became terminator the ultimate AI and wants to create a new planet under simulation and migrate there. NASA has started searching for other earth like planet they say they no longer want to live on this planet EARTH.

Donald trump has congratulated prime minister Modi and has requested him if he can help USA deport blacks and rogue Mexicans to Mars. Modi took this opportunity to hug him 10 times and said Yes Yes we will Mr America but can you help us deporting all the Muslims to Alaska? ..and trump smooched Modi and curtain falls.