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Indians offended as Google does not show Diwali Doodle

20, Oct 2017 By Divij Sonak

Indians are known for being a hard to please lot with their sensitivity towards issues having reached an all time high in the last few years. So naturally, Indians took offense to Google’s decision to show some random doodle about some milestone in the electronic music industry on the auspicious Indian occasion of Diwali.

Google in trouble for offending Indians

To that end, several tweets and statuses started making the rounds on India. One of the voices said “First we don’t get an off during office today, now this? It’s just too hard a pill to swallow”. Another one read “We should boycott Google and its services in India and use a local search engine instead”. When reminded that such a search engine doesn’t exist, the tweeter responded saying “In that case, we should come up with one and call it Bhugol”. Some even went as far as calling for CEO Sundar Pichai’s resignation stating “Mr. Sundar Pichai has disappointed us despite having his roots in India and he should come out and apologize to everyone”.

The misstep actually prompted a statement from Google as well. In its officially released statement, a Google spokesperson said “We’re aware of the outrage that this has caused but we’d like to remind our fellow Indians that the true festival of Diwali is tomorrow and not today”. On seeing the statements, one of the angry responses was “Diwali begins from today. Google is mistaken.” When prompted for proof, he said “We’ve all started receiving WhatsApp forwards from today itself and that is proof enough.”

Our attempts to contact Mr. Sundar Pichai for an official statement were unsuccessful as Mr. Pichai is on leave in India for his Diwali vacation.

Update: CEO Sundar Pichai has responded with the below tweet: