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Infosys approach Mark Zuckerberg for CEO position

02, Dec 2017 By CB

Infosys’s search for new CEO has taken an interesting turn in last 48 hours. According to sources, earlier today Infosys has approached Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to takeover as CEO of Infosys. Speaking on condition of anonymity, one of the Infosys board member spoke to your newspaper and shared this news.

Mark Zuckerberg thinking over offer
Mark Zuckerberg thinking over offer

Source stated, “After issues between founders and Vishal Sikka, we can’t afford to get this appointment wrong. This is going to be the most important CEO appointment in company’s history. There was a feeling that Vishal Sikka never integrated with company’s culture.”

Infosys always states it’s moto is “Powered by intellect and driven by values”. Company insiders including employees across all levels always feel this translates to “Powered by Control C (copy) and Driven by Control V (paste)”. The feeling within Infosys board is Mr. Zuckerberg is perfect fit to in this culture.

Sources told, “Internally we all know, how things work in Infosys and “copy – paste” culture and model. Looking at all the features Facebook has copied from other social media platforms like Twitter and Snapchat, he understands the copy – paste philosophy. This would help him integrate in Infosys culture”.

When your newspaper contacted Facebook for comment, our query was unanswered. Our Technology Analyst are watching these developments closely to see how this spans out.