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Leaking specifications of mobile phones

23, Apr 2016 By @pK

“Sick of you, Phone!”

Mumbai. JhunJhun Phonse a regular Times of India reader is amazed how each new mobile handset specifications gets leak before it is launched for sales. He finds the product information security system of all companies including Apple, Samsung, Micromax, OnePlus, Alpha, Toofan, SunnyL, etc. not upto the mark.

Speaking to our reporter he said that this was not a coincidence that all the mobile phone companies had reporters as spies working for Times of India. He applauded Times of India for taking such a bold step to ensure that its reader were given upper hand in upcoming mobile phones in the market.

JhunJhun is an IIT engineer and he feels to start a company which ensure that specification does not leak out in newspaper before the launch date. He also raises question as to why mobile manufacturers do not sue media for reporting leaked information.

TOI has not reverted to our emails asking clarification on authenticity of such leaks. However given the quality of news report of TOI we believe that mobile companies intentionally float such news in the media.