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Man purchased weighing scale to prevent washing machine from damage

12, Jan 2015 By Kunal Jha

A man named Kalu purchased a weighing scale to prevent his washing machine from damage.

As per our reports, Mr. Kalu was completely shocked when he realised that his newly purchased Ranshung washing machine can hold and wash clothes upto 7 kilogram only. He called Ranshung customer care number many times to resolve the problem,but he did not get any satisfactory response.Then he decided to purchase a weighing scale,so that he can weight the clothes before washing them in washing machine.

While talking to our reporters Mr. Kalu said, “Ee sasura to grahak Logan se dhokha hai. ham adalat jaunga taki sab washing machinwa k sath ak taraju feree mile.” (It is cheating.I will go to court so that every one gets a free weighing scale with washing machine.)