Man sells kidney to buy iPhone X, finds that it only pays first EMI

15, Sep 2017 By Sivaram Subramaniam

Daksh Arora, a software consultant who was super excited when he sold his kidney and bought the new iPhone X, was horrified to find out that the kidney only covered the cost of the phone’s first EMI.

“I thought my kidney would be enough to cover the entire cost of the iPhone X. But just yesterday, I got a call from my bank’s credit card department politely requesting me to pay the other EMIs on time, as it would improve my credit score. I was shocked. I asked them again and again if it was a prank, but they said it wasn’t. I was about to ask them if I could return the phone, but then realised that there is no return policy on kidneys.”

Adds Daksh, “Luckily I have a plan in place. My double chin will take care of two EMIs. My paunch will take care of the next five. And then, I will sell my other kidney, followed by my heart, lungs and teeth. My wife thinks I should sell my brain too, because according to her, I don’t have one. I agree. My bank asked me if I could sell my liver, but I told them that the stress of all these EMIs made me an alcoholic and as a result, my liver was damaged beyond repair. They liked my honesty and waived off an EMI. Phew!”

“I hope this serves as a warning to all those people buying the new range of iPhones. If you still can’t resist the impulse, first invest in yourself and fatten up before you invest in an iPhone.”