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Mobile phone companies to provide SOS feature on phones for selfie addicts

15, Mar 2016 By electroman

Bangalore. After seeing the heavy death toll due to the selfie craze, TRAI has told mobile manufacturers to provide more safety features in the handsets. So the mobile companies are driving their R&D departments in full speed to add additional safety features to their phones. Here are a few designs which are in the pipeline.

SOS: This model provides an SOS icon on the corner of the screen when the front camera is being used. In case you fall off a building or cliff. You just have to click the SOS button.The in-built accelerometer and Altimeter will calculate the height from where you are falling and the speed at which you are going to hit the ground. Based on the results, the mobile will call the Ambulance or Ice box rentals.

Modi Mobile
PM Modi to buy each type of mobile.

MI-6 Mission Impossible: This mobile is good for people who are heavy YouTube browsers. The mobile will show a button with countdown timer after each selfie. If you are alive, you have to press the button and reset it. If not, then the mobile will clear all browser history, dirty videos, fake Facebook ids, double meaning whatsapp jokes etc from your phone memory. If there are more then 4GB of dirty videos, the phone will self destruct in 5 seconds.

Aquaman: This is a new waterproof phone which is best for taking selfies on the beach. If you are pulled into the sea by a giant wave, the phone will deploy a buoy with which you can safely swim ashore. If you have already sunk to the bottom and unable to swim up, the phone will provide oxygen for 30 seconds to send a message to or call your loved ones. i-bne This phone is for people who love to take selfies with celebrities and politicians. There is a 50% chance that you will get slapped. the camera will record all the events and send the evidence to “The Newshour”. It will also add an apt hashtag for the scandal. You will either get thrashed more or an apology from the celebrity.

Mental Inside: This is for the real selfie addicts who are in the advanced stage. There will be a inbuilt counter which will count the number of selfies taken per hour. If the count goes more than 5, the phone will automatically send your location details to the nearest selfie de-addiction centre. This mobile is aimed at a certain kind of clientele. People who take selfies once they enter a theater People who take selfies in restrooms Girls who think they are making funny adorable faces while taking selfie