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New iPhone 8 accessory is a dress for bike riders/drivers

23, Feb 2017 By electroman

Whole world is going bonkers over the leaked new iPhone 8 details. Among the details were one jackpot accessory which will change the way people use their phones. It is a customized dress which connects to your phone. It comes designed as per the customer’s request. It can be a shirt, T-shirt, Salwar or even a Sherwani. Whats so special about it you ask?

The iPhone accessory
Upcoming iPhone accessory

Wait for it.. Wait for it.. It connects to your phone and acts as a virtual screen. Whats the use of it you might think, but here lies the twist. The dress is not for you, it is for the poor human being that transports you in their bike. Gone are the days where daughters and sons keep texting while sitting behind their mom or dad on a scooter. Now they can use their backs as a virtual screen for their phones. You don’t have to sit uncomfortably with the fear of the mobile falling off.

Now there is no need to indulge in counter productive conversations with your loved ones. Instead you can continue swiping your screen without any external disturbances. Pretty soon you can alienate all your friends and relatives and become a zombie.

But this accessory is expected to be a huge hit among Indian husbands who are expected to order this immediately to distract their wives while riding and enjoying the local scenery. Apple also advises not to get too involved and try to stick the charger pin in to the user.