Wednesday, 13th November, 2019

Be online for further casual chat

27, Nov 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: All the guests were full of beans at the party as they were talking, dancing and sipping coffee. None of them was really interested in leaving the place amid complete enjoyments. But the time came to depart and everyone moved away by and by. This life is different from the time when people used to inquire about one another’s well-being.  Now, the emphasis remains upon being online because this has been considered quite a humane way to converse.

Then, elders delighted in blessing the youngsters by saying, ‘God bless you.’ But presently we come across the oft-repeated term ‘be online for further conversation’. Every hand carries a mobile set which is featured with latest techniques. The habit has changed with the arrival of this electronic gadget in our lives. We feel elated at providing our mobile numbers to one and all as it facilitates easy exchange of talk between two persons or among several persons.

Just as the time of cigarette case or betel case has been extinct so as the usual query for ‘How are you?’ has been losing its importance gradually. There is really no time to stand and talk about this fast fad life. In case one appears on the mobile glass screen it is deemed everything goes well with that person. The clergy class bless us with the sentence, “May God keep everyone online.” There is a fashion in these things. At the moment this is a satisfactory manner for all the mobile users.

This change has not come from any force of law, fear or pressure. This sweeping change has taken over old and venerable tradition spontaneously. The way the mobile use increased in our indigenous lives, the customary style of conversation was almost gone. Nobody thought this time would ever come upon us. It is a bit of the electronic revolution.