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Phones refuse to let go of user's hands after prolonged use- Study

02, Nov 2017 By

In a latest study on smartphones, it has been revealed that people using one for the longest time will not be able to separate it from their hands. Some youngsters feel it’s a good thing.

iAbbey, an 18-year old, says, “Thank god, we’ll never have to spend time looking around for phones for they’ll never be lost. It would be a deterrent for phone thieves as well.” On the contrary, Samson says, “How would I be ever able to change my phone¿” We also spoke to his mother who was shocked to hear this. She said, “Probably that’s how robots got created.”

Some think it could also be the case of phones developing human-like emotions after being bombarded with emoticons every day, so they refuse to let go of the user. An Indian researcher has suggested changing the term “handset”.

A major adhesive firm has already started research on this, looking for some inspiration.