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Research for more intelligent AI than God, invites ourtage

08, May 2018 By MeHonestPerson

Since many years many people are too much hopeful about going to temples(churches and mosques too,don’t worry),but an engineering student analysed the probability of getting a wish come true by his very complex formula.

So he came up with an idea to create an AI that is more intelligent and powerful than god so that it can solve world problems,and he called it Super Artificial Intelligence.

He is using an Algorithm to make it better every

Many human rights and religious organizations,were angry over this thing they are saying it is against their rule to be intelligent,

Our reporter mysuri had talked to that genius over this.

He said that he is a follower of Neil DeGrasse Tyson and Stephen Hawking and he has an IQ of 160 so he is right,further he said we need to look at the bigger picture and not those small groups.

The way he talks invites attention of aliens and they also came between the interview,and took the boy with them,and now nobody knows where that body is.

All the low educated and corrupt politicians are now happy,because he could have won if he fought elections.

We are reporting from Andromeda Galaxy for you.

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