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In response to Google Glass, Apple to launch Ogle Glass for married men

12, Mar 2017 By electroman

In response to the popularity the Google Glass has received. Apple has launched Ogle glass. This Ogle glass has nothing to do with facial recognition. It is just Lenskart coolers with Apple logo in it. This technology was the first invention from the Apple R&D Department which opened recently in India. Now India can also afford cheap gadgets from Apple.

Man feeling out of the world after wearing the Ogle
Man feeling out of the world after wearing the Ogle

Indians have been using this technology for so many years. Now it has been normalized and branded and can be used as a luxury. Apple Ogle glass will allow you to ogle at any woman for unlimited time without drawing unwanted attention to yourself. The Ogle glass sales has crossed the total iPhone 7 sales in India in just a matter of minutes. It sold out so fast that China couldn’t even make duplicates of it. Married men thronged to the stores to buy it. Even Bill Clinton personally came down to India to buy one.

But Apple had a big twist to this game. They’ve actually hidden a camera in the glass and were able to get live feed from it. They then gave the feed to the user’s wife via an app. The App can be downloaded from Applestore for a meager price of 1,99,999.00 Rs(Including Krishi kalyan cess and Swachch Bharath cess + Recess etc). The app is called iSPAT (Indian Sanskari Alok Nath Pahlaj Nihlanai Tracker).

Now housewives can gather enough evidence from their houses and fight with their husbands when they return back home after work. The videos can also be stored in iCloud and used for future fights.