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Rlys tracks equipping with top tool

17, Oct 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Now if there is one thing absolutely forceful, it is equipping the rail tracks with the advanced thick wave switch between Kanpur Central and Allahabad Junction. This is going to replace the older scissor type cross points with the far better apparatus into as many as 225 cross points. This is said to pick up the trains’ speed running on the Howrah-Delhi route. It is not only durable and safe but also saves the time. It has been designed in such a fashion as the journey time would not be unnecessarily squandered in covering the distinct destinations. There was certainly nothing melodramatic about it.

It was on October 11 a superfast train coming from Howarh reached Allahabad by several hours’ late. On its onward travel for Kanpur Station, it took another five hours. Such a slow speed irritated the passengers boarding the train on that calendar day. The whole length of 190 kms of journey remained tiresome. The train seemed to have covered most of its journey on 15 kms per hour journey. Though there was caution on the tracks because of some works, its relatively sluggish speed made the passengers bemoan the boarding. Two trains reached Kanpur railway station simultaneously.

Almost as though the fatigued passengers had been about to say something else and thought a zilch better of such strenuous trip. The fitting of the fresh gadget is a better solution on this busy route. As many as fifty thick wave switches have already been installed and the remaining switches would be fixed by the year’s end. The speed would enhance up to 40 km/r. Along with this, the passengers could also be saved from intense jerks and more importantly the danger of mishaps, as the railways’ authorities claimed. The railway was probably thinking of a good, suitable and considerate method.