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Rockets could be better for timely trip!

03, Dec 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Do we not grasp an idea of the day when there will start the rockets to take us? These will go through the roof or go sky-high to avoid wastage of time. Though the rocket science is often referred informally in our conversation, there needs to be deep thinking on making this science useful for the purpose of transportation.

Not only the time will be saved but the passengers will also experience in a way that feels like foreshadowing.

This alteration in transport may facilitate the passengers to end the war of words and the authorities concerned herewith would be saved from finding excuses in a staggered manner.

The air passengers were recently blatantly annoyed; everyone can suffer it, apart from the non-passengers. As many as 270 passengers of the Air India Mumbai-Ahmadabad flight created a rumpus at CS International airport following the delayed flight of close to seven hours. The delay was owing to non-availability of the pilot for the aircraft. The flight departure was due at 1.35 a.m. past midnight but it could take off at 08.20 a.m. on Saturday morning.

What a time has come! Since technological advancement has reached a very higher level, the traffic system still seems unarranged as it should practically be.

Modes of transportation continue to be revolutionized but its operational dexterity has not been gained.

The common passengers find the bus service inefficient, the rail service delayed and now the air service hopeless too. Faster means of moving, carrying, flying and shipping are not proving perfect in its functional form.

We seem to have not progressed much from bullock cart age particularly in relation to the time. The two bullocks-driven wheeled cart used to cover its distance by its own time slowly and steadily. More or less the similar situation prevails when we have much-advanced transportation.