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Shirish Kunder’s Alien, abduct Tesla Roadster in Space

14, Apr 2018 By alien4dec

Washington DC: NASA has officially confirmed the hijacking of Elon Musk’s Tesla in space on its official website.

Starting this year, Elon Musk’s SpaceX launched a Tesla Car into space. While its officially confirmed that aliens from Shirish Kunder’s film ‘JOKER’ have seized the car but its exact location is not even traceable by NASA.

Interstellar director Christopher Nolan was sent as a good will ambassador from NASA to negotiate with the ace young age filmmaker Shirish Kunder but the dialogue failed when Shah Rukh Khan intervened inbetween who has ZERO knowledge about space and universe. But before leaving back to Hollywood, Nolan had an opportunity to catch up Shirish over his science fiction film ‘JOKER’ and appreciated his innovative ideas on film making.

Fakingnews reporter Geethanjali interviewed Shirish. Speaking to faking news, he said, “Life cannot be just about solving one sad problem after another from monday blues to no clues. There needs to be adventure and spice in life and universe inspires me. My alien friends have colonized space. Black holes are nothing but entry to aliens home, just like the igloos of snow which have a passage to enter the mini snow house, black holes are nothing but entrance to aliens kingdom.”

“I am glad, I wake up in the morning and interact with these aliens via Twitter. When I was a kid, I spent long hours thinking about space. Yes, its true that Tesla Roadster Car is being abducted but I support aliens, since they have saved the Tesla car from entering the black holes.”

“I feel sending a mannequin as a driver is not a wise decision. Many female aliens had started to flirt with him on ‘Aliens Tinder Dating App’. The dummy was so much in love with female aliens that he forgot about his space mission and was about to enter the aliens home to make babies and colonise Mars. Male aliens were envy of him as female aliens would prefer dummy human for date over them. This was the only solution and we managed to kidnap and shall get back the car on earth along with the dummy driver.”

“TESLA in space is now phrased as T:Tesla’s E:Elon S:Seduces L:Lovely A:Aliens. It is the sexiest car in cosmos and lady aliens enjoy the starry night car rides along with the dummy human.”

“I too have travelled in my white Mercedes many occasions to meet aliens in space but I don’t date anyone in space inspite of having many female fan followers in space too. We party in space with Chicken Tandoori and Kingfisher Strong Beer watching Stars and Moon. I shall start my first space film shoot on Moon this month and there after second schedule is fixed on Mars in May. I am short listing even aliens for my next science fiction film. Female Aliens are a huge fan of Ranbir Kapoor while males love Angelina Jolie. I show them films on my laptop. Aliens are constructing a cinema hall on Moon and it shall be inaugurated this year with my space film. My launch pad to space is at the Mangalore beach.”

Shirish further advised NASA and Elon – “DONOT PANIC”, since the car shall land safely along with dummy man on earth at the Central Park in Kharghar, Navi Mumbai on 4th April’ 2018.

We enquired more about his hidden secret life and space activities, to which Shirish replied, “Sometimes being alien is the only option.”

Infact, after hearing this news from our website, ISRO has decided to launch an auto rickshaw in space along with Shirish Kunder !!